Artists/// Sangatsu
Sangatsu consists of four drums, one bass, and two guitars.
Formed in 1997 in Tokyo. Creates music focusing on the shapes and motion of sound. Debuted with Sangatsu produced by Jim O’Rourke and has released five albums ever. Launched a project called “Catch & Throw” to build an online platform where anonymous “sound is delivered” through collective work and to present the processes as pieces. Declared that they would renounce the copyrights of their future pieces in January 2012.

Performance Introduction/// 
Our interest:
How to make music without expertness / Performance generated from a place / The shapes and the motion of sound / Body / Buildup recipes for making music / Sharing and inheritance

藝術家/// Sangatsu
由美國知名唱片製作人、音樂家Jim O’Rourke擔綱製作而出道,Sangatsu 至今已發行5張專輯。
建立網路平台,推行“Catch & Throw”的計劃,將網路上匿名的聲音素材,透過匯集創作及呈現創作進程的方式再次傳遞出去。
於2012 一月發表聲明放棄之後發行的作品版權。
Sangatsu 是日文“三月”的意思。

如何以業餘愛好的姿態呈現自己的創作 / 表演於現場場域的生成 / 聲音的形塑與流動 / 身體 / 集結各路祕技製造音樂 / 分享與承襲

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