Lacking Sound Fest. x RUDI PUNZO


Lacking Sound Fest. x RUDI PUNZO
The Turin based artist Rudi Punzo is interested in metamorphosis and its symbiotic relationship with artistic transformation - the transformative act of making art out of discarded, abandoned and cast-off refuse.
Similarly Punzo teases music out of his marvelously kinetic art works to produce magical sculptural/aural hybrids - wonderfully ever-changing, renewing and surprising. (Mary Sherman, Curator) 


Lacking Sound Fest. x tamtamART TAIPEI
Lacking Sound Festival Listen 94
2015, April, 04 (Sat.) @noiseKitchen
Entrance Time︱17:30 Starts Punctually At 18:00
Entrance Fee︱NT$.300 (with drink)

R a f a ë l

Artists01/// R a f a ë l

“In our view Rafael is one of the European stars of narrative performance, always witty, challenging, sensitive and engaging in a way unlike anyone else we’ve ever come across. What more can we say apart make sure you see this.” Nlab @ the Tate Britain (April 2008)

Mikko Savela

Artists05/// Mikko Savela

Mikko Savela is a guitarist of finnish origin, born is Sweden, currently living in Shanghai. After exploring different genres of music with various groups, he turned into improvisation and started to experiment with different ways to play on the guitar.