Lacking Sound Festival Listen 89
2014, November, 15 (Sat) @noiseKitchen
Entrance Time︱18:30 Starts Punctually At 19:00
Entrance Fee︱NT$.150 (with drink)

♛ Artist︱D P I. H z  (WEI HSUAN/dpi 3000 x KUAN YI/1018Hz)

♛  Artist︱AKI

♛ Artist︱SHENG (aka maZe )

SHENG. 晟(aka maZe)

Artist︱SHENG (aka maZe )

From Taipei, Taiwan.
Sound Designer
Audio Post/Mixing Engineer
Bedroom Producer
Now focus on "Dialect" re-sampling/re-arrange, 
mix with Foley/Ambient/Field Recording/Test Tone/Traditional Instrument
Keep doing Livetronica, DJing, and Digging on this beautiful planet.

Aki 木下晃德


Aki was born in 1984, has Chinese and Japanese descent. Since he got the bachelor degree of electronic engineering from Purdue University, USA, he has been worked in technology cooperation in Taiwan until now. He uses his off work hours to engage himself actively in some activities like free software and Floss Art etc. 

D P I. H z 低披赫茲

Artist︱ D P I. H z  

W E I  H S U A N(dpi 3000)
Graduated from Department of Communications Design, Shih Chien University / 
Currently pursuing a graduate degree in New Media Art at Taipei National University of the Arts
Most of the works are based on visual / 
Collaborative works as visual designer for theatre productions


Lacking Sound Festival Listen 88
2014, October, 18 (Sat) @Former Air Force Command Headquarter
Entrance Time︱18:30 Starts Punctually At 19:00

Entrance Fee︱NT$.200 (with drink)

▲ Artist︱吳修銘
▲ Artist︱David Toop
▲ Artist︱David Toop x Yannick DAUBY