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Artists/// Jeff Carey
Jeff Carey, Hailing from Baltimore, MD, makes hardcore digital music with a joystick, a gamer keypad, and an array of strobe lights. Computer based synthesis, noise, and improvisation combined with a no-safety-net aspect of gestural control makes his music totally physical and visceral." 

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Performance Introduction/// 
"He's acting on raw instinct here - he refuses the clinical approach to programming software or composing music, and strives to throw himself bodily at his machines, replacing all mechanical moving parts with human flesh, blood, and bone. In pursuit of this all-organic goal, virtually everything else is jettisoned, starting with recognisable notes or melody."
Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector on "Impulse" (2010)

藝術家/// Jeff Carey
來自美國巴爾的摩,表演極具爆發力的Jeff Carey 以獨創的操作桿裝置、遊戲鍵盤及列陣的閃光燈,展現個人風格強烈的數位聲響演出。

「Jeff Carey的表演源於直覺性,拒絕以縝密思量下的程式編寫及音樂編排的方式作演出,過程中奮力將自身的一切投注向使用的工具,以身軀、血肉與骨為出發打破機器機械表現上的局限。追求完全源自本能的,屏棄一切,自無從辨別的音符、旋律展開演出。」— Ed Pinsent, Sound Projector on "Impulse" (2010)

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