Fujui Wang 王福瑞

Artist︱Fujui Wang

Fujui Wang, Head of the Trans-Sonic Lab in center for art and techology of Taipei National University of the Arts, specializes in sound Art and Interactive Art. Fujui Wang is the a pioneer of Sound Art in Taiwan, who established the first experimental sound zine/label NOISE/Taiwan in 1993. In 2000 Wang joined ETAT and initiated BIAS Sound Art Exhibition and Sound Art Prize in the Digital Art Awards Taipei. His arts activities contribute to enhancing Sound Art as a new genre in Taiwan's art scene. He has curated The Digital Art Festival Taipei and "TranSonic" sound art festival. Fujui Wang has been dedicated to making and promoting Sound Art and Digital Art creativity for more than a decade.


台北藝術大學「藝術與科技中心 (Center of Art and Technology)」未來聲響實驗室主持人。主要專長為聲音藝術、互動藝術。1993年成立台灣第一個實驗音樂廠牌和刊物「Noise」,2000年 加入「在地實驗」,是台灣媒體藝術發展中少數以團體實驗室方式進行數位藝術的實驗、實踐與探討,是早期少數以即時互動為主的創作實驗團體,並推動「異響 /Bias」聲音藝術展與「台北數位藝術獎」聲音藝術類別,將聲音藝術推展成國內數位藝術具有特色的領域。近年策展「台北數位藝術節」,2008年起策劃 「超響」聲音藝術展演,帶動國內新一波數位藝術發展。十多年來一直致力於聲音藝術、數位藝術的創作與推廣。



Performance Introduction︱Maganetoception

Collects all kinds of electromagnetic wave sounds as source material. At the same time through the characteristics of directional and wide speakers, he combines them with electronic chip sounds by improvisational electromagnetic disturbance to fill the space with scattering and shadowy electronic sounds.


表演將使用在都市中收錄的各種電磁波聲音為素材, 透過指向與廣域喇叭的特性,與即興電磁擾動的電子晶片聲音相結合, 讓空間充滿電磁聲音的流竄與不確定感的. 

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