Formed in 2013 by artist YAO Chung-Han and YEH Ting-Hao. Yao is in charge of arranging the music. Vocalizing a various noise in the structure of fierce beats and hybridizes sound art with techno music. Yeh is in charge of visual effects and visualizes those images on screen. Just like Iannis Zenakis who arranges sound with geometry pattens, HH drives corresponding visual effects with sound and beats. They analyze sound spectrum in real-time to create visual effects of undetectable sound.


原為兩位聲響藝術家,成立於2013年。聲音由姚仲涵主理,大膽表現內心對於聽覺的極端喜好,以強烈的節奏為主體,並將噪音組織發聲,混種於聲音藝術與電子音樂之間。視覺由葉廷皓構思,企圖使影像不只是扁平的存在螢幕之中。正如同Iannis Xenakis用幾何圖形代表樂譜來構思聲音,HH則是用聲音來驅動產生相對應的視覺,即時分析聲音的頻譜,利用所得的數值來控制著視覺的流變,呈現不易被察覺的聲音,如同一種不同在感官之間的轉換與互補。


Performance Introduction︱Live A/V 

Live performance could be a marvelous ritual experience, through it the audience is able to absorb energy from the artists. A huge difference from other media is that what your experience represents the work itself.

表演簡介︱Live A/V 


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