Tse Chun Sing 謝振聲

Opening Artist︱Tse Chun Sing

Tse Chun Sing (Jantzen) first came in touch with music as a child, and studied Fine Art in University. Having worked with several types of media, he still experiments with new possibilities. His inspirations are as wide ranged as transportation and water sprinklers, but he often gives in to over analysis. He seeks for different means to quench his thirst for art.




Performance Introduction︱Language

This is a performance integrating sound, video and interactive art. This is the third performance in the "language" series. Audiences (listeners) would take part in the performance by walking on stage, holding a hammer, and breaking the speakers attached to the artist's body. In addition, I held this performance to express how non-sensical our language is, that we cannot communicate to others' soul if we just keep on talking. A chinese proverb says the wise utilizes words while the fool uses his hands. But as the saying goes, too Far East is west, perhaps in the end joy falls upon the fool.



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