LAI Tsung-Yun (賴宗昀)

Opening Artist︱LAI Tsung-Yun
Born in 1988, he is now studying in the School of Film and New Media in TNUA. During his undergraduate period, he majored in industrial design. One day when he skipped classes, he saw ten dead sparrows scattered on the way in a small village. From that on he began his visual creation. And due to lacking of resources, he also began to create image-sound design.

個人簡介: 生於1988年,目前為台北藝術大學新媒所一年級學生。大學時期主修工業設計,有天在翹課的途中遇見了數十隻死掉的麻雀散落在鄉間的小路上,從此開始了個人影像創作。也由於在創作資源匱乏的狀態下,嘗試著手影像聲音設計。

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