Achi (陳孝齊)

Artist | Achi
Achi was born in 1990 in Taiwan. His passion for performance art was inspired by all types of sub-cultural music and dance. In 2008, he was enrolled into Department of Drama of National Taiwan University of Arts, majoring in directing and performing. His creation owns great variety, and he is known for his directing creation, contact juggling, and performing arts. On July 2012, he organized “Theatre Of Party”, which occasionally performs in any possible place, devoting in party-like performances, combining different fields of art to stimulate people.

演出者︱陳孝齊 Achi
受到各類次文化音樂、舞蹈啟發對表演藝術的熱忱,2008年進入台灣藝術大學戲劇學系,主修表演與導演。創作形式多元,主要以導演創作、contact juggling<接觸雜耍>表演、行為表演的方式為人所知。2012年七月組織「T.O.P派對劇場」,不定期在任何可能的空間進行展演,致立於用狂歡派對式的表演,結合各領域藝術表現刺激國人腦內分泌。

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