Taishi Kamiya ( 神谷泰史 )

Artist︱Taishi Kamiya (JP)
Born in Sapporo, Taishi Kamiya currently resides in Tokyo. He seeks to explore the moments when audible sounds turn into music. Making full use of Soprano saxophone and laptop computer, he performs by processing the derived sounds in real time. He has released a solo album from the label Home Normal (UK), and has performed live as Nömi and Asana x Kamiya, etc.. In addition to his performances, he is involved in sound installations using various atmospheres. He is interested in the way that tones change, depending on situations and circumstances, such as inside a temple, or during a snow. He also plans and organizes music events.

Performance Introduction︱real-time processing improvisation
Taishi Kamiya plays the soprano saxophone and processes the saxophone sound into various type of sounds by laptop computer in real-time to create his music.
He doesn't always use prepared sound materials and specific musical structure. He seeks to explore the possibility of sound processing in real-time.

演出者︱神谷泰史 (JP)
生於札幌,Taishi Kamiya現居於東京。他嘗試探索聽覺的聲響轉換成音樂的瞬間,善用高音薩克斯風和筆記型電腦,從中獲取聲響,並在現場表演時加工處理。他已在英國廠牌Home Normal旗下發行一張獨奏專輯,並參與多場現場表演,如Nömi和Asana x Kamiya等。演出之餘,他也會創造聲音裝置,而能在不同的氛圍中使用。他著迷於在不同的情境下聲調的轉變,例如廟裡或雪中。現在,他也在計劃和籌備一些音樂活動。

表演簡介︱real-time processing improvisation
透過高音薩克斯風演奏,以及用筆記型電腦即時將其處理成多樣的聲響,Taishi Kamiya從而創造出他的音樂。他不常採用備妥的聲音材料或特定的音樂結構,而是汲汲於探索即時處理聲音的可能性。

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