Fiona LEE ( 李穎姍 )

Artist︱Fiona LEE (HK)

Fiona Lee was born in Hong Kong,SAR China in 1987. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts, major in Critical Intermedia Laboratory in School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2011. Her work<Table-Obscura.II:Intimacy> received silver award in the Interactive Media Category of the 15th Hong Kong Independent Short Film and Video Awards(IFVA) in 2010 .Besides, <Delight> has been performed in varies sound and multi-media art festivals in different countries . She works on experimental film making,sound performance and interactive
installation. Recently, she focuses on the integration of natural material and daily objects with the new technology, in order to explore the possibilities of personal expression.

Performance Introduction︱Delight
A light bulb does not only emit light.It also produces sound. This performance orchestrates intriguing light patterns and soundscapes by amplifying the rhythmic sound of turning a row of light bulbs on and off but also dimming from incandescent light bulb and compact fluorescent lamp. These two kinds of light bulbs contain different frequency of sound when lighting them up. By arranging the specific light bulbs on and off, the composition of the performance is executed no matter audibly in sound and visually in light and shadow.

演出者︱李穎姍 (HK)
她的作品曾於不同的藝術節展出,如香港ifva獨立短片及影像媒體節, Hell ! Hot音樂節, 首爾國際新媒體藝術節等等。作品媒介以裝置和表演為主。現階段關注於日常生活以及大自然裡的微少變化,再而與科技融合,發展出表達個人感受的各種可能性,同時繼續發掘更多聲音的可愛之處。


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