Opening Artist︱diode (HK)
diode is a sonic collective of five multi-disciplinarians from Hong Kong (Jasper Fung, Frank Lam, Lau Ho Chi, Eason Page, Wong Chun Hoi). Mainly focusing on the possibilities of sonic performance structure and theatrical listening experience. They first started playing music through a one-way-direction loop which the audio signal travels like current flow through a diode in a closed electronic circuit.

About the performance:
The simple audio hardware connection structure of diode's transfers sound which start at one-way-direction. The unique signal routing and placement of speakers intended to generate a bonding between the black-out theatrical environment and the audience. By looping the sound of diverse objects, ranging from guitar pick up effect to daily objects, diode creates sort of dizziness, just like merry-go-around with unknown rhythms.

暖場藝術家︱diode (HK)
diode(馮俊彥、林杰恆、劉浩知、曾家偉、王鎮海) 的聲音創作和演出旨在試驗表演劇場的在地聆聽經驗,以二極管電流單向流動方式於環狀音訊連接結構內傳輸及扭曲。

關於演出: 單向閉合的音訊流動於表演場地中四處泄漏

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