LSF 57

Lacking Sound Festival Listen 57
2012, March, 16(Fri)@Nan-Hai Gallery
Entrance Time︱19:20 Starts Punctually At 19:30
Entrance Fee︱NT$.50
Limitation Of Entry 80 People

LSF Artist-in-Residence Program 1.2

Artist︱ CraftWeak Lite

LSF Artist-in-Residence Program Performance Introduction︱Yoshimitsu Ichiraku
Artists│YEH, Ting –Hao × Dawang Yingfan Huang
 “Every year when this time comes, I think of some awkward things of the past, involuntarily. For example, you may say. For example, just like making wrong of practice time, and the practice room was locked, and then waited outside for three hours, and finally knew I made wrong, everything was in vain. And then, you may ask. In fact, at that time, after all, no one wanted to invite me to the band. What’s about that! You may say. ”

失聲祭 Listen57
2012, March, 16(Fri)@南海藝廊
入場時間︱19:20入場 19:30準時開始

駐祭計畫 1.2

演出者︱ CraftWeak Lite
駐祭藝術家︱ 黃大旺 

枼廴晧×黃大旺 駐祭表演簡介︱一樂儀光長得不像艾未未

Curator︱YAO, Chung-Han
Graphic Design︱Nat NIU
Project Manager︱FENG, Hsin

協辦單位︱國立臺北教育大學 南海藝廊 
Supervised by︱Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government
Organized by︱Lacking Sound Festival Team
In Cooperation with︱National Taipei University of Education Nan-Hai Gallery

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