CraftWeak Lite

Artist︱ CraftWeak Lite
1981, the artist was born in Taipei, Taiwan, growing in ZhongLi, and recently work and live in Taipei.
His creations focus on mathematical theories, physical and chemical phenomena, and the relationship between sub-culture and media art. Through the Audio-Visual performances , he shows a different view into the mingling of science and culture.
He starts out from making computer graphics, endeavoring in live performance of real-time processing . Depending on the characteristic of sound and image materials, and through manipulating time and space, he tries to display surreal atmosphere within reality.
He doesn’t like to show his real name in performance, so he uses varieties of anonym, and till now has used over thirty different anonymous.

Performance Introduction︱Craftweak Lite
Le cerveau, c'est l'ecran
─ Gilles Deleuze 
This is a performing device with a Customized screen helmet and sensors.
According to the groove of the  body, visual on helmet and projection and sound will be manipulated.

演出者︱ CraftWeak Lite

表演簡介︱手藝孱弱 (輕便版) 
「大腦即螢幕」 (Le cerveau, c'est l'ecran)
─ 吉勒.德勒茲 (Gilles Deleuze)

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