Nirvāṇa + 0xA ( 陳沛元+李駿 )

Nirvāṇa(Chen Pei-Yuan 陳沛元)
Department of Communications Design, Shih Chien University. The winter trip to India in 2009, he visited the holy land and holy river in his mind. He was carried away by its philosophy, music, and art, so he has been studied Indian classical music and sitar. In these days, he also tried some electronic sound works to find a new body and appearance for ancient soul.

Artist︱0xA( LEE, Chun )
LEE, Chun is a sound artist based in UK and Taiwan. With a background in classical music, he became increasingly drawn into contemporary music and electronic arts. This fascination with modern technologies brought him to study Sonic Arts at Middlesex University, where he gained his doctorate degree.

His current interests including developing sustainable pratices through free software, creating custommade electronic sound instruments and the studying of geometric patterns in various traditional cultures. He is also an active member of GOTO10 and Openlab, two international collectives devoted to free software and art.


Performance Introduction︱ Nan-Hai . Appreciate sound
Both fascinated by traditional Indian culture, Pei and Chun started their art experimentations soon after they met in a circuit bending-workshop in 2010. The first of these results is a musical duet between them, mixing Indian Ragas and Pd Patches, sitar and noise circuits, sympathetic strings and pulse wave modulations. 


李駿是一位數位藝術工作者。自從 2004 年起,他將創作完全投入於對於自由軟體在數位藝術上的研發及推廣。他是法國非營利新媒體藝術組織 GOTO10 的一員以及倫敦 OpenLab 創始者之一。他在許多相關藝術節演出以及自由軟體技術的教授,同時也在 2008 年於英國取得electronic/sonic arts 博士學位。


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