LUPONEGRO YINGFAN PSALMANAZAR aka HUANG Dawang ( 黑狼姚映凡 a.k.a. 黃大旺 )

Begins bedroom recordings since 1991, under influences of The Velvet Underground, Einstuerzende Neubauten, and Geinou-Yamashirogumi(i.e. OST"AKIRA"). Recordings broadcasted at Taipei's classic radio station in 1997. Live performance since 2002, he plays various instruments, electronics, laptop and junks in Taipei, Taichung and Kaoshiung.

During his abroad study years(2004~10), Yingfan get connected with Osaka's underground/noise scene, and performed with various artists and musicians in various fields. Yingfan's works appear on several compilations such as“LOBO 2”, “B!AS sound arts”, “C.U.E. COMPILATION 2”, “TAIWAN FREE SOUND”, etc.

Performance Introduction︱LUPONEGRO YINGFAN PSALMANAZAR solo
When I was not on stage before, I had got so much wishful thinking, and there was no any result. Afterwards, I got on stage, and there was once my musical instruments were too many to be carried, so I thought of gathering topics and centralizing the table of organization. In the recent years, I don’t even think about presenting specific concept, instead, I think immediately how to continue after the first sound appears. Someone asked me if I am oppressive, I can only respond with a forced smile.


演出者︱黑狼姚映凡 a.k.a. 黃大旺
受到日本動畫長片「AKIRA」 配樂(演奏:藝能山城組)、Velvet Underground與Einstuerzende Neubauten影響,高中時代開始在臥室錄製噪音,1997年 首度於「台北愛樂電台」發表噪音作品。2002年起以各種名義與編制,於台北、台中、高雄現場演奏,內容包括懷念老歌、淨化歌曲、歪歌、脫口秀、電子音響 拼貼、冷笑話、民謠大爆炸等。
2004~10 年旅日留學期間,開始與日本地下音樂與噪音圈密切往來,並於大阪、神戶等地不定期演奏。
宅錄作品收錄於「蘿蔔二代」、「異響 bias 2003聲音藝術展」、「C.U.E. COMPILATION 2」、「An Anthology of Chinese Experimental Music 1992-2008」、「TAIWAN FREE SOUND」等合輯中。另有自主製作音源近一百款,流傳於網路與噪音愛好者間。



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