The Language Lab(Koo Park-kin + Tse Kam-po)

● Artists︱The Language Lab(Koo Park-kin + Tse Kam-po)

The Language Lab is a well-established sonic experimental team from Hong Kong. Core team members of the Language Lab are Mr. Koo Park-kin (Founder / Guitarist) and Mr. Tse Kam-po (Engineer / Percussionist).

The Language Lab believes that music is an inborn language and is convinced that a concert will be formed organically in the process without prior composition. They also perceive that different environments with particular visual and acoustic features should go hand in hand with high quality recordings of sonic experiment / performance to create an unique experience to both the artists and the audience.

The Language Lab realizes the above beliefs by interweaving the immediate reenactment of present sonic experiment / performance in varied space in a speechless but communicative manner with live generated impromptu fragment of sounds, composed of the unconventional use of musical instruments and audio equipment. The seemingly independent yet interlocking components, the presence and the instant improvised sound fragments, create a prompt and spontaneous dialogue, which definitely goes beyond any designated scores and lyrics.

The Language Lab is known for their refined touches of using traditional and novel instruments. The distinctive dynamics, edgy contrasts and their actual personalities radiated from the two artists complement each other on stage.

Performance Note︱
The sonic experiment consists of three core items:
1. Visual recording;
2. Audio recording;
3. Live performance.
Park-kin is on the guitar section while Kam-po is on the percussion section. 20-30 minutes long impromptu piece will be produced without pre-programmed playback material. The combination of sound manipulation processes and multi-track recording session are to be entirely operated in real time and visually recorded by one hand-held camera and fixed cameras.

● 藝術家︱The Language Lab(顧柏堅+謝金寶)

香港聲響實驗團隊「語言實驗室」(The Language Lab),為顧柏堅(創辦人 / 吉他手)與謝金寶(技術人員 / 打擊樂手)兩位核心團員所組成。


語言實驗室透過交織即時再製於不同空間裡、無須言說而行交流的現場聲響實驗/演出 與現場進行的非一貫樂器與音頻設備使用方式所組成的聲音的即興片段,實踐上述的創作理念。 


1. 影像錄製
2. 聲響錄製
3. 現場演出

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