Marc Vilanova + Chi-Hsia Lai

● Artists︱Marc Vilanova / Chi-Hsia Lai

Marc Vilanova 
Active as a performer in many art forms, including electroacoustic music, free improvisation, contemporary repertoire and collaborations with dancers, saxophonist Marc Vilanova’s work is focused on the exploration of the instrument, as well as ongoing research into new sounds, techniques and expressions connected with technology and other arts.
His primary interest is to open new sound spaces that invite the audience on an inner voyage. 
Silence, quiet music, contemplative performance and delicate atmospheres are the paths of his exploration.
Vilanova is also interested in sound installations and video works. His projects had been presented in festivals and exhibitions all over Europe and South America and he gave workshops and lectures in the principal universities of the countries he has visited.

Chi-Hsia Lai
Chi-Hsia Lai(Lisa)studied percussion at the university, then she changed her major to New Media Art for a masters degree. She graduated from the Australian National University School of Music and Art and had been living in Australia and Europe for many years. She focuses on sound creation and performance and had been performed in Berlin, Helsinki, Holland, Sweden, Belgium, Japan, Portugal and Australia. In 2014, she was selected and invited to perform at the Tokyo Experimental Festival and awarded to an International Artists-In-Residence Program in Brugge, Belgium. Except artistic creation and performance, she also joined Electronic Sound and New Interfaces of Instrument -related academic activities and her papers have been selected and published in the international conferences, such as ACMC, SMC, NIME, ICMI.

Performance Note︱MUT _Solo Saxophone / Usheng _ Duo with Chi-Hsia Lai

MUT _Solo Saxophone
MUT means ‘dumb’ in Catalan language. The main idea of this solo is to mute the instrument in order to find a whole range of new sounds. By muting the instrument we are also muting the tradition, the heritage and the dichotomies between classical and jazz.
With this technique, MUT creates a truly musical experience and a coherent discourse. The result is a completely electronic sound produced just by an acoustic instrument.
The solo is a performance in itself: gesture, body expression and images play an essential role accompanying and supporting the sound.

Usheng _ Duo with Chi-Hsia Lai
Spanish saxophonist Marc Vilanova and Taiwanese sound artist Chi-Hsia Lai are going to present a series of free improvisation combining with saxophone, percussion music, objects and live electronic music. The two artists will lead the audience on a journey of sound from the undersea world to suburban landscape.

● 藝術家︱Marc Vilanova  / 賴奇霞 

Marc Vilanova
活躍於不同藝術表現形式,包含電子原聲音樂、自由即興創作、當代曲目演奏以及與舞者的合作演出,薩克斯風演奏家Marc Vilanova的創作聚焦於發掘樂器更多的可能性,持續進行與科技技術及其他藝術相連結,開探新的聲音、技法與表現方式的研究。

大學在音樂系裡敲打擊樂,之後轉向新媒體藝術研究所,畢業於澳洲國家大學音樂與藝術學院。旅居澳洲及歐洲多年,致力於聲音創作及演出,曾於柏林、赫爾辛基、荷蘭、瑞典、比利時、日本、葡萄牙、澳洲等各地演出,於2014年獲選受邀至東京實驗節演出、及獲獎助至比利時布魯日藝術駐村創作與發表。除了藝術創作與演出之外,也參與電子聲響及新樂器介面等相關學術活動,論文曾入選發表於國際研討會(ACMC, SMC, NIME, ICMI)。

表演內容︱MUT _Solo Saxophone /  無聲 _Duo with 賴奇霞 

MUT _Solo Saxophone 


無聲 _Duo with 賴奇霞 
來自西班牙的薩克斯風的樂手馬克(Marc Vilanova)與台灣聲音藝術創作者賴奇霞(Lisa),將帶來一系列結合薩克斯風、擊樂、物件及現場電子音樂的自由即興演出,讓現場的聲響帶我們踏上一段從海底世界到郊區風景的聲音旅程。

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