Artists01/// EAOW
EAOW are Dr Riles Jay Bilgo and Captain Seabass of the Sea Vessel Blahaha.
EAOW create melodic soundscapes using traditional electric sound tools.
EAOW don't know what EAOW means either.

Performance Introduction/// 
We are aware of our environment / We are trying to fit in / We are creating what seems right / We are giving it a spin / We are turning with the globe / We are as dizzy as can be / We are just as lost as you are / We do not know what it is to be free. / We are working with sound / We pretend to be profound / We are one with our machines / We have no idea what this all means
We are artificially enlightened.

藝術家01/// EAOW
EAOW 使用傳統電子聲音工具創造具有音樂性旋律的音景。
EAOW 其實也不知道EAOW的意思。

我們意識著外界環境 / 我們試圖融入它 / 我們創造對的事 / 我們放手一搏 / 我們跟著地球旋轉 / 我們暈眩的頭眼昏花 / 我們同你一般失落 / 我們渴望自由 / 我們用聲音創作 / 我們假裝很有深度 / 我們跟機器合而為一 / 我們對這些到底在說什麼其實也毫無頭緒


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