Dawid Liftinger

Artists03/// Dawid Liftinger 
1986, in Gmunden (Upper Austria), usually lives in Linz / Austria, where he finished his bachelors degree in the “timebased and interactive media” program at the University
of Arts and Design. His artistic output is created with the tools of new media.
Performance Introduction///
SOUND AND LIGHT is a highly concentrated audio visual performance. Through a
digital interface via software, Arduino and relays, the fluorescent tubes are turned on
and off. Sound and noise produced by the tubes will be recorded and amplified. The
audience sits in a circle around the tubes, just like around a bonfire. The frequency of
switching the tubes on and off will be increased steadily until the tubes seem to be
destroyed. When the tubes are turned off, the performance is finished.

藝術家03/// Dawid Liftinger 

SOUND AND LIGHT 是一個需要高度貫注欣賞的聲光演出

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