Christopher Willits

Special-invited Artists(USA)
Artist- 2.︱Christopher Willits

Christopher Willits is an artist – an electronic music and guitar pioneer, composer, producer, photographer, filmmaker and system designer. Christopher uses his self-designed software tools to “paint with his guitar” (Pitchfork), creating “mesmerizing, intricate electronic soundscapes” (Nowness) and lush audiovisual performances of weaving patterns, texture, and harmony. Willits creates immersive experiences of overlapping sound and light. Working solo and in collaboration with the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Matmos, Zach Hill (Death Grips/Hella), Tycho, and Taylor Deupree, Christopher has released over 20 albums within the last decade. Willits is based in San Francisco and has a master’s degree in electronic music from Mills College, working with Pauline Oliveros and Fred Frith. Prior to Mills, Willits focused on painting, photography, video/installation art, and sound art at the Kansas City Art Institute. Willits is also the Founder / Director of the community catalyst

演出者- 2.︱Christopher Willits
Christopher Willits 是一位電子音樂製作家、樂手、攝影師和多媒體藝術家。14年來,Willits 與世界各地音樂家合作,其中包含 Ryuichi Sakamoto (坂本龍一)、Matmos、Zach Hill (Death Grips/Hella)、Tycho、Taylor Deupree 等等。近年來,他以Moog Guitar以及Ableton Push為主要樂器,加上不同自製軟體,在美國和世界巡迴多數表演。Willits 畢業於灣區名藝術學院Mills College 電子音樂碩士學部。大學畢業於Kansas City Art Institute,當時以繪畫,攝影,影像、裝置藝術,聲音藝術等方面為主修。現今居住於舊金山,他也是文創組織Overlap.org的創始人。
這次演出作品是來自Willits 2014年9月發行的最新專輯「 OPENING 」的創作,結合了視覺與聽覺並且具有實驗性質的感觀作品。45分鐘的作品,不僅僅是包含7首曲子的音樂專輯、也是一部含有7幕段落的影片。其中所有片段來自於四年內他在日本、泰國、夏威夷、舊金山等地集聚的攝影作品,截取許多大自然的影像,從拍攝至剪接到後製都經由Willits親自完成。OPENING 所呈現的45分鐘是一種心靈體驗,由聲音與光影創造寧靜的空間去連結人們 – 讓人體會不同意識或思維,開放人們的感官。

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