SHENG. 晟(aka maZe)

Artist︱SHENG (aka maZe )

From Taipei, Taiwan.
Sound Designer
Audio Post/Mixing Engineer
Bedroom Producer
Now focus on "Dialect" re-sampling/re-arrange, 
mix with Foley/Ambient/Field Recording/Test Tone/Traditional Instrument
Keep doing Livetronica, DJing, and Digging on this beautiful planet.

Performance Introduction︱

Through the process of sampling, re-processing and sound offset from various sound sources, pursing the affections in which sound contains artistic, entertaining or even absurd features… emphasizing on acoustical effect in the sound and its penetration throughout the space.

演出者︱晟(aka maZe) 

07年,曾與精靈(ex一隅之秋BASS手), Xiang(藍洞Unihipili) 共組 Either/or
共同參與演出:「炎樂萌,數位音像表演 」/「藝。串」@ 草山國際藝術村 /
「Campo Present: Cinema Live Party」/ 無用兄弟會「Useless Brotherhood Present:420 Project」等...大小演出活動
2010年 經歷團員兵役等問題,進入無限期休團
其後,經歷了三年Live sound engineering/PA, Audio Post- Production/Sound Design 的進修充電後,再度展開個人的創作表演旅程
融合Foley/Ambient/Field Recording/Test Tone/Traditional Instrument 



『聲』度渲染:聲音所包覆於內的… 無論是其藝術性、娛樂性抑或荒謬性,

以及體現於外的種種介質現象,與空間之間的連結, 傳遞的方向動態與其包覆


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