Aki 木下晃德


Aki was born in 1984, has Chinese and Japanese descent. Since he got the bachelor degree of electronic engineering from Purdue University, USA, he has been worked in technology cooperation in Taiwan until now. He uses his off work hours to engage himself actively in some activities like free software and Floss Art etc. 

In 2010, he cooperated with Anaisa Franco, a Brazilian artist, to create interactive sculpture〈Paranoia〉. He also cooperates with the member Yuan Yuan in OpenLab.Taipei and created prompt music work〈Scene〉. He has been performed in Freak Out Beast 2010 Spring Music Festival, SAT+OpenLab.Tapei 360, Priceless Freedom, and Sound Bits.

Performance Introduction︱

This performance will be conducted base on a programming practice called live coding.
There will be two types of programming languages (called SuperCollider and Tidal) linked together.
This allows me to do audio synthesis and algorithmic composition in order to create sound. 


木下晃德(Aki),1984年生的日中混血兒,2006年取得美國普渡大學電子工程學位文憑後,在台灣的科技公司就職至今。平日利用下班時間積極參與自由軟體及Floss Art等活動,2010年時與巴西藝術家Anaisa Franco共同創作互動雕塑〈Paranoia〉,與同為OpenLab.Taipei的成員圓圓一起創作即時音樂作品〈Scene〉,曾於吵年獸二零一零立春音樂藝術祭、沈浸之境─SAT+OpenLab.Tapei 360環景音像表演、自由無價、Sound Bits中演出。


演出將以live coding即時程式編碼的方式,將兩種程式語法(SuperCollider跟Tidal)連結在一塊,透過聲頻合成與演算編曲的過程築音造聲。

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