Samaan Fieck

Artist︱Samaan Fieck

Samaan Fieck lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.
He is a founding member of KIPL (Artist run project space) No Public Address (ongoing performance series)
and holdings (Gallery and performance space). He has performed throughout Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and Australia as well as publishing solo and collaborative material through Sabbatical Records, Grog Pappy, Mazurka Editions, Alberts Basement, Iceage Productions, Cantankerous records, Negative Guestlist et al.
Recent solo performances have exploited the limitations of consumer quality recording devices - often using the reel-to-reel tape machine as primary instrument.

Performance Introduction︱
Samaan will be using material developed during his residency at the Treasure Hill Artist Village, as well as a collection of devices obtained at the Fuhe Bridge flea market. His performance will be heavily compromised by his inability to acclimatise to the prevailing Taipei weather conditions. 

演出者︱Samaan Fieck
Samaan Fieck是一位工作生活在澳洲墨爾本的藝術家,他同時是KIPL(藝術家展覽空間)、No Public Address(系列演出)、holdings(藝廊及展演空間)的創辦成員之一。
Samaan已於日本、紐西蘭、澳洲、台灣等地演出,他也經由Sabbatical Records、Grog Pappy、Mazurka Editions、Alberts Basement、Iceage Productions、Cantankerous records及Negative Guestlist等發行品牌推出個人以及與他人合作的作品。 近期的表演,主要是利用市面上錄音裝置本身的有限性–盤式錄音機作為創作的主要樂器。


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