Yearning Kru - LSF Part II

Artist︱Yearning Kru

Yearning Kru is a group formed in the UK, with a practice heavily influenced by London urban music, social media content, and improvised noise. Live, Yearning Kru uses layers of found samples and live resampling to build dense structures of sound, which are then gradually worn away and rebuilt. They have released on KALEIDOSCOPE records, and were listed in WIRE magazine's top 10 Electronica albums of 2013.

Performance Introduction︱Yearning Kru - LSF Part II
Last month, Yearning Kru achieved something impressiveness and brought different impacts of listening to the audience with pianist LEE Shih-Yang at LSF-Listen 84. This time he is going to show his own electrosonic work and ---- just keep it secret!

演出者︱ Yearning Kru
Yearning Kru 是來自英國的團體,曲風深受倫敦城市音樂、大眾媒體內容、即興噪音影響。現場演出時,使用現成樣本和生活取樣層層堆疊緻密結構,然後再逐漸磨損和重建。他們曾在KALEIDOSCOPE發行專輯,並列入2013年WIRE雜誌的前10名電子樂專輯。

表演簡介︱Yearning Kru - LSF Part II 
在上個月的失聲祭中與李世揚的即興鋼琴擦撞出層層火花的Yearning Kru,即將於本場活動帶來自己的電聲作品 ---- 內容保密中。

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