Klaus Bru 卡 & Adam James Sorensen

Artist︱ Klaus Bru 卡 & Adam James Sorensen

Klaus Bru  卡 – C-Melody & C-Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Electronics
Klaus Bru (卡 = pronounced Kaa) is one of only a few saxophonists performing exclusively on the rare C-Melody and C-Soprano saxes. German born Klaus Bru has traveled widely, for real and in music. He brings in the folk music of the world (typically from Eastern Europe and Turkey), Avant-garde ridden improvisation concepts, air sounds and electronic noises, strange meters and odd tempos, plus tangible melodies over the moving chords of jazz standards or his own compositions.  Klaus Bru has performed and recorded in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. with such diverse musicians as Franz Hautzinger, Peter Herbert, Bilal Karaman, Shih-Yang Lee, Michael Moser, Sunny Murray, Marc Ribot, Martin Stepanik, Sabu Toyozumi, Chaoming Tung, to name just a few. Currently, he shares his time between Vienna, Taipei, and Beijing.

Adam James Sorensen – Drums
Born in Chicago, Sorensen has performed and recorded with jazz artists such as Scott Hamilton, Keith Tippett, Herb Geller, YuYing Hsu, Martin Zenker, and rock and folk artists such as Amy Allison, Neil Cleary, Jerry Joseph, Megan Peters. Sorensen has recorded and toured internationally both as a drummer, and as a singer songwriter/guitarist.  He released his solo debut, MIDWEST, in 2012 on City Creek Records. Sorensen has lived in New York City, Edinburgh, Berlin, Chicago, and currently lives in Taipei.

Performance Introduction︱
Climbing without ropes: A sax player and a drummer are exploring the chances and challenges of improvising in the duo format. German-born Klaus Bru on electrified C-saxes busies himself with whirling notes, minimal cries, orchestral noises, while American-born Sorensen on drums provides elegant, tricky, always groovy rhythms, at times as light as a spring breeze, at other times as threatening as a typhoon in midsummer. Aside from dramatic peaks and occasional noisy outbursts, their improvisations are thick with melodies that wander around and find back to their center.

演出者︱ Klaus Bru 卡 & Adam James Sorensen

Klaus Bru 卡–C大調薩克斯風、C大調高音薩克斯風、長笛、電子音樂
Klaus Bru是C大調及C大調高音薩克斯風的傑出演奏家,德國出生的他將生活中的遊歷注入於音樂之中。他的音樂作品有其多樣性,無論是來自東歐及土耳其的民族音樂,前衛即興的元素、氛圍音樂、電子噪音、奇特的音律或是怪異的節奏都能融合於無論是爵士樂亦或Klaus自己的創作之中。Klaus Bru曾於歐洲、亞洲及美國與眾多知名的音樂人同台演出,其中包含Franz Hautzinger、Peter Herbert、Bilal Karaman、Shih-Yang Lee (李 世揚)、Michael Moser、Sunny Murray、Marc Ribot、Martin Stepanik、Sabu Toyozumi、Chaoming Tung等。目前,往返於維也納、台北及北京。

Adam James Sorensen–爵士鼓
出身於芝加哥的鼓手Sorensen曾參與Amy Allison、Neil Cleary、Jerry Joseph、Megan Peters等音樂人的合作演出,並以鼓手、演唱者、作曲者、吉他手的身份巡演於各國。


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