LSF83:C-drík aka Kirdec

C-drík aka Kirdec 於1985年開始學習管弦樂鼓及樂理,1989透過作品Crno Klank開始嘗試作曲,而後在比利時的蒙斯音樂學院學習電聲學/唯聲音樂,並於La Médiathèque媒體實驗室工作。近期的創作涵蓋各式音樂類型,從電聲音樂到微波聲響 ; 數位龐克到工業音樂 ; 黑暗氛圍音樂到電子音樂...等等。

C-drík 是Syrphe音樂廠牌的負責人,Syrphe主要發行非洲跟亞洲的非主流電子實驗音樂。他與Staalplaat電台合作一個月一次的節目,介紹來自非洲、亞洲、拉丁美洲的實驗音樂,同時也在線上廠牌Syrphe介紹來自不同國家的實驗電子音樂創作者。

C-drík 已於全球43個國家演出,包括歐洲、北非、中亞、遠東、東南亞跟北非,並曾於世界各地的大學、美術館跟藝廊參與電子與實驗音樂的講課。他是電子音樂樂團Axiome (比利時) 跟Tasjiil Moujahed (黎巴嫩) 的成員之一,曾參與不同國家藝術家合作的演出,也幫劇場、短片、舞作作編曲,發表過噪音表演藝術相關的文章,持續參加世界各地音樂祭的演出。



C-drík aka Kirdec begun to study declamation, orchestral drums and music theory in 1985, started to compose music in 1989 in the project Crno Klank. He later on studied electro-acoustic/acousmatic music at the conservatory of Mons, Belgium and worked in a media library (La Médiathèque). He currently produces different music genres ranging from electro-acoustic music to minimal wave, digital punk to industrial, dark ambient to electronica, etc. He's Syrphe label owner, a label partly dedicated to alternative electronic and experimental music from Africa and Asia.
He collaborates once per month to Staalplaat Radio and presents experimental music from Africa, Asia and Latin America and publishes experimental and electronic music artists on his label Syrphe.
He performed in 43 countries in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Far East and South East Asia and North America. He also gave some lectures about electronic and experimental music in Africa and Asia in universities, schools, museums and art galleries in Vietnam, Indonesia, Czech Republic, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, France, Taiwan, Slovenia, Belgium...
He's a member of a few electronic music bands such as Axiome (Belgium), Tasjiil Moujahed (Lebanon) and collaborated with artists all over the world.
He also composes now and then soundtracks for theater, short movies and choreography (GDMDC in China, Ðào Anh Khánh Studio in Vietnam...) and published an essay entitled Une singularité au sein de la musique noise d'Afrique et d'Asie. (Les presses du réels in the book Le performentiel noise, Edited by Sébastien Biset. (In English here))
He performed in festivals like ZXZW (now Incubate Festival)(Netherlands), Maschinenfest (Germany), Hanoi Sound Stuff (Vietnam), Audiotrauma (France), Pulsation Sonore (Algeria), to name a few and has been selected to perform and / or give some workshops in the following European capital of culture : Brussels 2000, Maribor 2012, Marseille en Provence 2013.

Performance Introduction

I will present a work made of real time processing, feedbacking and looping of captured sounds with a contact microphone, field recordings and electronic sounds.

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