Mark van Tongeren x Serge Onnen

Artist︱Mark van Tongeren x Serge Onnen

Mark van Tongeren
Mark van Tongeren is a sound explorer interested in the intersection of science and art. 
He is best known for his work as an overtone/throat singer. His early work was strongly influenced by ethnomusicological fieldwork trips to Tuva and by studies of Mongolian throat singing and Tibetan chanting, as well as by his role as a performer-recordist-sound artist with the Amsterdam-based experimental group Silo Theatre. He later joined the 7-piece improvisation band Oorbeek, and studied intermedial arts with the late musician and artist Michael Vetter. His recent work includes the performance Incognito Ergo Sum with Superstringtrio, and the Overtone Singing Marathon based upon his cycle of compositions Zeropoint, performed in collaboration with composer Paul Oomen. Website:

Serge Onnen
Born in Paris in 1965, Serge Onnen is currently based in Amsterdam and teaches at the Rietveld Art Academy of Amsterdam. With a broad creative repertoire, Onnen is an artist of cross-disciplinary caliber. In the past 20 years, he has fully integrated different media in his creative endeavors, including painting, animation, wallpaper, shadow, and sound. The mixed media are used to express his central themes of choice and also to incorporate diverse subjects and expand the perspective of his art. Onnen is particularly interested in using pre-digital methods to create sequential images. Recently, Onnen has begun to incorporate Chinese shadow puppetry as a creative tool and element in his art, with the use of this traditional craft adhering to his customary creative value and execution strategy. Website:

演出者︱Mark van Tongeren x Serge Onnen

Mark van Tongeren
交匯於科學與藝術範疇的聲音探索者Mark van Tongeren,主要以(荷麥)雙聲 / 泛音唱法聞名。早期的作品受到幾種經驗的影響,在圖瓦共和國的人種音樂學考察、蒙古喉唱與西藏低音唱咒研究、與安姆斯特丹實驗劇團Silo合作時擔任表演-錄音-聲音藝術家。之後,他加入Oorbeek即興樂團,並且與Michael Vetter學習跨媒介藝術。近期的作品包括與Superstingtrio演出的Incognito Ergo Sum, 以他做的曲Zeropoint進行的Overtone Singing馬拉松, 以及與作曲家Paul Oomen合作的表演。

Serge Onnen
1965年出生於法國巴黎,目前創作與生活在荷蘭阿姆斯特丹, 現任教於阿姆斯特丹里特維爾德藝術學院(Rietveld Art Academy of Amsterdam) 。Serge Onnen的創作類型廣泛,是典型的跨領域創作者。在過去的20年 中,他充分結合繪畫、動畫、壁紙、影子和聲音媒材,透過核心主題的表述,融入多方面題材,拓展藝術的視野。在這當中, Onnen對於使用原始的方法來創作連續性的影像特別感興趣,他認為早在數位世代之前,視覺傳播的方式一直都是淺顯簡單,卻又令人著迷的,例如目前已快被遺忘的西方工藝技術費納奇鏡(發明於1829年),他就能用來將單一圖像創造出動畫的效果和絢麗的影像。而在近期的創作中,他試圖將中國傳統皮影戲作為個人延伸創作的工具和元素,也是基於同樣的價值觀點和實踐策略。

Performance Introduction︱

Mark van Tongeren (sound) and Serge Onnen (image) dissect our everyday perception, enlarging our ordinary vision and audition to include the unseen and unheard. Mirror opposites and negatives of our everyday sense world.
Mark van Tongeren is currently fascinated by the voice as an instrument producing numbers, namely, the strict numerical ratios of overtones. When this is made audible through the technique of overtone singing, the voice almost loses its human identity: its sounds seem like pure sine waves. Digits, that is, whole numbers or whole-number ratios could be considered the DNA of our voice. In this installment of his theme The Digital & The Vocal, Mark offers an electro-acoustic performance where the distinctions between the digital and the vocal are blurred. Environmental recordings, extended vocal techniques, Jew's harps and a Kaosspad further link the physical, everyday world with the digital, and the archaic with the hypermodern.
Artist Serge Onnen, currently holding a solo exhibition at MOCA Taipei, simultaneously provides a live visual performance. He will mainly use mirrors: echo's of images, stretching the reflection, face reality, double the sight and confront the audience with their image.


透過作品〈鏡射〉:解析我們日常感知,放大那些不被看到、聽到立於周遭的現象,進而對立映射出我們所身處感知的世界。Mark van Tongeren近期熱衷於運用聲音產生為數眾多、形態各異的泛音,當泛音透過聲唱的技術呈現,呈現的聲音似乎也喪失作為人聲應有的特質,而更僅僅像是純粹的正弦波。數位化/人聲相映—混合環境收音、人聲、單簧口琴、合成器、身體性的、日常數位的、遠古與超現代的,Mark藉此演出模糊數位與人聲之間的特徵差異。而近期在台北當代展出個展的Serge Onnen則將使用鏡子的反射、延展性、複製景象、呈現真實以及置立於觀眾前方呈現其樣貌,作為現場演出的視覺呈現。

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