Artist︱Duto HARDONO X CHANG Yung-Ta

Duto Hardono (b. 1985 Jakarta) , now works and lives in Bandung, Indonisia. He graduated from the Fine Art & Design Faculty of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 2010. He creates installations, drawings and collages that are full of humor and wit, often using found or readymade objects such as old cassette tapes, records, and instruments. There are also some references from art history such as John Cage’s concept of 4’33 in his sound installation using a home-made delay mechanical system and looping cassette tapes. He also active performing live & releasing his experimental music on his own private press label, Hasana Private Press, beside several labels from US, Australia & Russia. Websitehasanapress.org

CHANG Yung-Ta, born in Taiwan in 1981, is autodidact and residing in Taipei currently. His works take on a variety of forms such as Audio-Visual, experimental sound, installations and live performances. He focus and be skilled in observing the tiny change, being ignored phenomenon and sound in daily life, then represent the invisible signal and data via sound or visual installation in space. In recent years, also collaborated with dancers, musicians and artists. His works has been featured in numerous group shows and festivals throughout Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America.

演出者︱Duto HARDONO X 張永達 CHANG Yung-Ta

Duto HARDONO | 杜托•哈多諾 [印尼Bandung]
杜托•哈多諾1985年出生於印尼的雅加達,目前定居並工作於印尼萬隆(Bandung)。他2010年畢業於萬隆科技學院(Institute Teknologi Bandung; ITB)的美術與設計學系(Fine Art & Design Faculty)。他的創作型式包括充滿幽默與機制裝置、素描和拼貼,他尤其喜歡運用現成物與拾得物,如舊式卡匣磁帶、錄影帶以及樂器作為創作媒材,他的創作也受到藝術史上的某些觀念啟發,如運用自製延遲的機械系統和迴圈卡帶,呈現凱吉4'33"觀念創作的聲音裝置。曾參加許多區域性與國際性的展覽,除了在英國、澳洲和俄羅斯廠牌發行外,還活躍於現場表演並透過自己的廠牌哈薩納(Hasana Private Press)發行實驗音樂。

張永達 CHANG Yung-Ta

Performance Introduction︱

This performance is a result of artistic cooperations that took place in Project Glocal. Project Glocal is an artistic project by the Philippine curator Dayang Yraola since 2012. In 2014 "Project Glocal: trans(landscapes)" connects Asian cities such as Taipei, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, it is at the same time a large scale social experiment. It enabled artists of different backgrounds to interact under similar circumstances. Within the one month long residency, artists from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan stir up several conversations. They cover matters of multiple ranges, such as creative scripts, media, and locality with the use of readymades, analog sound installations, Wayang Kulit, interactive mapping, audiovisual projections to present various "small" but common subject matters. Lastly, this sort of small-scale sampling will add up to reflect a cultural landscape unique to Asia, and launch LSF as a platform for contemplating ideologies of Asian cities.

本場次為 Project Glocal 亞洲城市串流的(藝術進駐)合作成果發表。Project Glocal為菲律賓策展人Dayang Yraola於2012年起策劃的藝術計劃。2014年《Project Glocal亞洲城市串流:穿(景)》聯結了台北、馬尼拉、吉隆坡、雅加達等不同亞洲城市的,更是一項規模別具的社會實驗。它讓不同背景的藝術家分置於與其他參與藝術家對等的情境或條件下互動。在為期一個月的駐村期間裡,Project Glocal 所邀請的馬來西亞、印尼藝術家將與兩位台灣藝術家彼此激盪、交流,並在城市脈絡下梳理關於創作文本、媒體及地域文化等多重脈絡,結合了現成物、類比聲音裝置、皮影(Wayang kulit)、即時MAPPING互動、AV音像投影等,呈現不同「小」而有共通性的議題。最後,這種取樣的切片也將由小而大地體現當代亞洲的特殊文化地景,進而,開展失聲祭作為亞洲串流平台的思考形態。

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