Physical Chemical Brother (理化兄弟)

Opening Artist︱Physical Chemical Brother
Zhaoyu lin(DJ) and YJ(VJ) were long lost friends that serendipitously met at a temple fair, where they each took a elixir from the armpit of buddha, hence, the physical chemical brother. Their current focus is on 8-bit music, also known as chiptune or Gameboy music. They reinvent and explore what used to be the topnotch audiovisual technique through means of contemporary technology. The sphere of experience shifts through arcade games, parties, and performance, engaging in dialogue with various audiences.

當年差點組樂隊的兄弟,始終遙遙無期,於失散多年後在一場奇異的廟會相遇,各自吞了一顆濟公搓揉的腋下仙丹,各自幻化成DJ與VJ,理化兄弟於是誕生。目前的團員編制為創作型DJ : 林昭宇 與半創作型VJ : 黃真。目前有點專注於研究 8-bit 樂音,也稱為chiptune或是 Gameboy music。 我們試圖運用現代科技來翻玩並探討當時曾經是頂風的影音技術,場域則從個人電玩機台到派對,再轉換進入表演空間進行與不同觀眾的對話。

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