YE Yu-Jun ( 葉育君 )

Artist︱YE Yu-Jun
YE Yu-Jun has studied in France since 2001, during which she achieved Master’s degrees of Diplôme National Suprieurexpression Plastique from Ecole Nationale Supérieur d'Arts de Paris-Cergy and of Art et Media Numérique from Paris1–Sorbonne. The forms of his works are mainly of performance art, video installation and sound performance, focusing on the relationship between the privacy of bodies and public space. During his study in France, she took part in Réseau Artskool, an international art organization, and studied with France-renowned choreographer Daniel Dobbels. After returning to Taiwan, she concerns herself with performance art in the public. Aiming at “extending art domain”, she tries to bring new possibilities to contemporary art through breaking concepts and forms in the boundary of art. Recently, she has founded a new art space, “instant 42”, in Luzhou, making the constructing and managing of space as a kind of form in creation, which , in the end, is a complex art space for exhibition, studio, and artist-in-residence.

自2001年起,留學於法國,取得國家高等造型藝術文憑,及索邦大學藝術與數位媒體雙碩士。作品的形式以行為藝術、錄像裝置、聲音表演為主。關注於身體的私人、公共空間與公共關係。於法國留學期間,參與國際藝術團體 Réseau Artskool,並與法國知名編舞家Danie l Dobbels習舞。常與其他領域的藝術家做跨界的合作。作品多次發表於巴黎及柏林。自2009年,回台灣後,專注於在公共空間的行為表演,以及以“藝術 版圖擴張“為計畫目標,希望在藝術的疆界中,藉由觀念、行式的突破,為當代藝術帶來新的可能性。目前,在蘆洲,成立一個新的藝術空間:「instant 42」,將空間塑造、營運,當成是創作的一個形式。為一個兼具藝術展演/工作室/藝術家進駐三種功能的複合性藝術空間。

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