Karlheinz Essl

Special Guest︱Karlheinz Essl
Born in Vienna, 15 Aug 1960. Austrian composer, performer, improviser, media artist and composition teacher. Karlheinz Essl attended the Vienna Musikhochschule (1979--87), where he studied composition with Friedrich Cerha and electro-acoustic music with Dieter Kaufmann. He also studied musicology and art history at the University of Vienna (doctorate 1989 with his thesis Das Synthese-Denken bei Anton Webern).
Essl also served as composer-in-residence at the Darmstadt summer courses (1990-94) and completed a commission for IRCAM (Paris) in 1993. Between 1995-2006 he taught Algorithmic Composition at the Studio for Advanced Music & Media Technology at the Bruckner University, Linz. Since 2007, he is professor of composition for electro-acoustic and experimental music at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts.
Program︱WalkürenWalk (2013)
               non Sequitur (2008 ff.)
               Tristan's Lament (2013) - world premiere

特別來賓︱Karlheinz Essl
演出曲目︱WalkürenWalk (2013)
               non Sequitur (2008 ff.)
               Tristan's Lament (2013) - world premiere

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