Shy Cacti

Opening Artist︱Shy Cacti
WU, Shiou-Ming Acoustics Experiment:Wandering between sound and music, Wu doesn’t keen on separating them, but regard both as the “message” to unrestrainedly explore and operate. He is dedicated to the pursuit of metaphysical idealism of any kind, turning the act of listening to the multisensory activity. His work, rid of complicated technique and technology, reaches the simplicity through the direct communication with the audience.

暖場藝術家︱Shy Cacti
吳修銘(WU, Shiou-Ming)個人的聲響實驗計劃,遊走於聲音與音樂之間,不特意的分別兩者,而是將兩者同樣視為「訊息」做自由的探索與運用,致力於其中追求各種理想的形而上型態,寄予聆聽能成為一項多感官的層次的感官運動。作品沒有複雜的技術與科技,以近乎簡單的方式做直接的溝通

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