Blackbells ( 黑玲 )

Blackbells used to be the president of Digital Music Club at Fu Jen Catholic University. As two-times University DJ champion in a row (2007, 2008), She is the current BHD resident DJ, and has shared the stage with the greatest techno musicians of all time such as RYUKYU DISKO and Robert Hood. Now occupied with investigating the use of trans-genre / trans-BPM stream-of-conscious technique, she is striving for maintaining the great smoothness peculiar to Techno DJ set, without being limited by the rigid restriction on song choices. Thus, it’s far from strange to hear Mandarin pop songs or classical music involved in the house & techno based style of music.

出身於輔大數位音樂研習社,07、08年大專DJ比賽蟬聯冠軍,現任BHD樂團駐團DJ,曾與琉球兄弟與Robert Hood等電音重量級人物同台表演。目前沉迷於開發跨曲風/跨BPM的意識流接歌技法,希望在保持電音DJ set特有的流暢美感同時又能打破僵化的選曲限制,雖然曲風以house與techno為基底,但中間若出現國語流行歌或古典音樂也一點都不奇怪。

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