CHENG Yi-Ping, aka Betty Apple ( 鄭宜蘋 )

Artist︱CHENG Yi-Ping, aka Betty Apple
Born in 1986, Betty Apple graduated from the School of Theater of TNUA, and now studies in the graduate school of New Media Art in TNUA. She is deeply influenced by bedroom electronica and sub-culture. During the year of 2012, she launched the “Performance of Experimental Electronic Music” and “The art of live sound”, and was active as a pioneer of “Sound Farmers”, an organization, founded on September, devoting to popularizing electronic music. In the context of her electronic music, she centers on her own senses, creating a system which belongs to individual senses and includes many dimensions of tone. During her live performance, she produces sound with her body, creating an unknown ambiguity with the speakers, thus, she conveys a sonic wave connection of implosion mystery.

About LSF Artist-in-Residence Program 3︱Feminine Sound Trilogy
Feminine sound is a whole text interweaving in the live performance.
Feminine sound, in contrast to masculine visuality, is a kind of writing which displays according to the internal feeling, rather than focusing on identity and pleasing.
Feminine sound doesn’t belong to any gender or body, it is a mysterious energy wave interweaving with creating and listening.
When the feminine sound flows, it shocks my body, not my logic.

In the first half of the year 2013, Betty Apple is going to hold three “feasts” in the same space through the changing of winter, spring and summer. Mixing her own experience of sound and feast as well as Live Art, she will invite different collaborative artists in each one of the trilogy.
Come, and listen to body, watch the sound.

駐祭藝術家︱鄭宜蘋 Betty Apple
生於1986年. 畢業於台北藝術大學戲劇系,現就讀台北藝術大學新媒體藝術研究所。受臥室電子樂與次文化影響至深。 2012年展開”實驗電子樂表演”與具有劇場性的”聲響現場藝術” 。為2012九月成立的電子樂發展推廣組織--「耕聲人」發起人之一。
在她的電子音樂脈絡裡,她以自己的身體感為中心點,創造屬於個體感知的音律多維度系統。而她的現場表演使用身體製造聲響,透過喇叭產生未知模糊狀態, 傳達內爆神祕的音波連結.

關於駐祭計畫 3︱ 陰性聲音三部曲

2013駐祭上半年裡,藝術家鄭宜蘋會透過冬天,春天,夏天,三個不同時節的變化在同一個空間舉行三場“祭典“。她將混合對聲音與祭典的個人經驗連結,加入現場表演藝術(Live art),於每部曲邀請不同的藝術家合作。

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