Olaf Hochherz

Artist︱Olaf Hochherz  
Olaf Hochherz is born 1981 in Wuppertal/Germany. He studied at Folkwang Hochschule Essen electronic composition and at Bauhaus University Weimar media-art/media-design. Parallel to the education in composition he started to improvise with self build electronic instruments. 2009 he was able to tour extensively in Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore). 2010 he wrote on the basis of different interviews his master-thesis about "improvisational praxis in recorded music". Since than he continues to tour Asia and Europe and show his sound installations.

Performance Introduction︱
Olaf Hochherz is currently performing with a computer program which generates synthetic sounds with a strong associative impact. He is interested in the effect acoustic activity has, the relation between surrounding environment and instruments, between abstract sounds and associations, between electrical and other worlds. He works with unstable systems, but not with the goal to control a technical aperture, but to create an associative field. An associative field which allows him to blend between musical and other acoustic experiences. He thinks sounds have their own live and he tries to keep them alive.

演出者︱Olaf Hochherz
Olaf Hochherz,1981年生於德國烏帕塔。曾就讀Folkwang藝術大學,修習電子作曲,並於威瑪包浩斯大學修習媒體藝術及設計。受創作教育的同時,他也開始以自製的電子器材即興創作。2009年巡迴亞洲演出,足歷中國、日本、韓國、馬來西亞、新加坡。2010年以多樣的採訪文稿撰寫成碩士論文:《預錄音樂的即興慣例》。自此之後,他持續巡迴亞洲與歐洲,並展演其聲音裝置。

Olaf Hochherz目前以電腦程式演出,產出帶有強大組合效果的合成聲響。聲音活動有時探討環境與器材的關係、或抽象聲音與其聯繫之關係,或電子聲音與其他種類聲音的關係,無論如何,他都相當關切這些活動的進展和效果。他對不穩定的系統有高度興趣,並致力於開發相關領域,而非只是足以掌握機械的能力。而此相關領域能讓他融合音樂及其他聲響經驗。對他而言,聲音有自己的生命,而他則盡力保持其活力。

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