Lacking Sound Festival Listen 62
2012, August, 17(Fri) @noiseKitchen
Entrance Time︱18:30 Starts Punctually At 19:30
Entrance Fee︱NT$.150(with drink)

【LSF Artist-in-Residence Program 2.1】

Opening DJ:HeiYiLiangChuan 
Artist︱Kueiju LIN
Artist︱Chung-Kun WANG

LSF Artist-in-Residence Program Performance Introduction︱
Artists│Kueiju LIN × Chung-Kun WANG
Chung-Kun WANG makes instruments as a way to produce sounds of the future. For this collaboration with Kueiju LIN, they decided to take the interference of instrumental sound making as a point of departure, to explore the familiar yet ambiguous experience from listening to music and sound.

Kueiju LIN played piano according to scores written by the others during her childhood; and composes scores for others to play when turning into an adult. This time, she decided to reconstruct her very first piano, because she wonders, after all these years, what the piano might want to say to her.

Chung-Kun WANG: piano layman, demonstration.
Kueiju LIN: real-time figuring out ways to get along with the piano which isn't totally within her control.

失聲祭 Listen62
2012, August, 17(Fri) @噪咖
入場時間︱18:30入場 19:30準時開始
入場費︱NT$.150 (含飲料)

【駐祭計畫 2.1】


林桂如×王仲堃 駐祭表演簡介︱



Curator︱YAO, Chung-Han
Graphic Design︱Nat NIU
Project Manager︱FENG, Hsin

協辦單位︱台北數位藝術中心 ─噪咖
Supervised by︱Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government
Organized by︱Lacking Sound Festival Team
In Cooperation with︱Digital Art Center, Taipei ─noiseKitchen

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