Traffic Jam

Artist︱ Traffic Jam  

Tech-instruments, self-made software, program, electro-noise, concrete sound, and the sound goes on…

TrafficJam started in 2011 by the students of Master Program of Sound and Music Innovative Technologies in National Chiao Tung University. It is a long-term project to experiment the new possibilities of sound. We don't have fixed members, each member has different approach and style, jamming all together to create the new sound.
Current Members:
David Chi
Interests in the relationship between sound and user interface, constantly trying to design instruments with new interface.
Interested in welding, electronic equipment assembling, patching.
George Liu
Designing techno-instruments to keep every sound.

Performance Introduction︱ Syn-Thesis

Sound is a kind of wave. A sound vibration causes rhythmical movement of media and molecules in the air, which makes the air sparse or dense and causes longitudinal wave. Then the acoustic wave is produced. This phenomenon will continue till the vibration stops. Sound can be decomposed into superimposing of sine waves of different frequency and intensity. The frequency which can be received by human ear ranges from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Frequency which is higher than this range is called “ultrasonic wave”, and the lower is called “infrasound”. The practice of synthetic sound keeps changing, since people knew how to control electronic devices, from vacuum tube computer to integrated analog circuit, and then to the digital calculus brought by PC ......!@#$%^&*()_+....... we just want to take a relief before the oral exam, by means of essays with half implementation, transcribing program code and experiment of non-sense when we are stressed to be a graduate. PLEASE JUST LET ME PASS!!!

演出者︱ Traffic Jam   


TrafficJam 於2011年由交通大學聲音與音樂創意科技碩士學位學程發起,是實驗音樂新可能性的長期計畫。成員不固定,每個成員的專長與風格均不同,一同來 jam 出新的聲響。




聲音是一種波動,當聲音振動會引起介質與空氣分子有節奏的運動,使周圍空氣產生了疏密變化,形成疏密相間的縱波,這時就產生了聲波,這現象會持續到振動停止。而聲音可被分解成不同頻率與不同強度的正弦波的疊加,而人耳可以聽到的聲音頻率範圍在20至2萬HZ,高於這範圍的我們稱作"超聲波",低於這個範圍的我們稱作"次聲波"。合成聲響(synthetic sound)的方式在人們懂得駕馭電子以來一直不斷的變革從真空管電腦到集成類比電路再到個人電腦所帶來的數位演算......!@#$%^&*()_+.......我們要用實作到一半的論文半成品、東抄西抄的程式碼、趕著畢業還有時間胡搞的莫名實驗進行口試前的紓壓。讓 我 過 好 嗎?!

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