Minkoku Hyakunen ( 民囯百年 )

Artist︱ Minkoku Hyakunen
Minkoku Hyakunen adopts materialism as their methodology: to produce sound from object is the goal rather than the tool to express any idea.
The methodology which can be categorized as a method of musique concrete is nevertheless originated from a certain idea.
However here we limit this idea to the form of the performance itself only; not to have the concept enter the content of the actual performance.
This is the method applied by hardcore noise artist Da-wang Huang and You-sheng Zhang to continue implement noise even after they put down the mixer and synthesizer.
And, this collaboration is limited to Year 100 only!

Performance Introduction︱ 
This time, we are taking this concept limited to the form of the performance to question and criticize the interrelationship between “sound” and “image”.



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