Chen Pei Yuan (陳沛元) & Wang Wen Yu (王文瑜)

Artist︱Chen Pei Yuan (陳沛元)
A winter trip to India in 2009 brought him to the Holy Land and Holy River, the fascinated ancient philosophy, music, art, which inspired him to start learning classical Indian music and sitar. 
A rare affinity in summer 2010 brought him to meet Lee Jun, and opened the door to Pure-Data work.


Artist︱Wang Wen Yu (王文瑜)
When birds cry and insects call reaches its maximum, we plant the seed into soil.
All cries and calls have its significance. Trees, insects, and birds can bring us truthful messages; it’s like Mantra chanting continuously, bringing a frequency of harmony to the world.
So do we, as long as we return to the core of ourselves, to link with the origin, there will come sound of harmony, like pouring into the stream from ocean


Performance Introduction︱ Nada Brahma
In the beginning – void, endless – there’s sound.

表演簡介︱Nada Brahma 太初有聲

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