WU Ping Sheng ( 吳秉聖 )

Artist︱ WU Ping Sheng 
He, under unceasing self-estimation, puts himself into the field of creation. Willing to explore a variety of media without a specific preference, most of his creation originated from daily life and personal thought in a form tilts to installation, readymade, and sound.
He expects not to be confined in the current existed condition, but to experiment new possibilities, however he is at the same time willing to be indulgent to the already established system. There is no constant logic in creativity (I enclose the balloon in the black box and inflate it to explosion), attempt to establish a conscious link between the self and other beings via space (in a lonely way, human beings create themselves by his own action), to structure the unique relationship between the works and the space (which is temporary permanent).

Performance Introduction 
[ Disqualified ecdysis system]      

A tree fell in a forest without animals. Sound remains, listen then.
What about time, and Space?


演出者︱ 吳秉聖

[ 失格脫殼體系 ]      太學焦慮控制變異動向內爆炸無限延伸的毛媚俗擴張超越合毀滅

時   空
間   間

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