Lai Ho Wan ( 賴火旺 )

Artist︱ Lai Ho Wan
People called this person Professor Ho Wan
Mechanical fast shredder, studying corpse preservation on this person’s spare time (by merely freezing meat into freezer in practice).

Performance Introduction︱ Kinetic Theory
The high attention paid to skin and pore by ancient doctor reminds us the theory of Qi once expressed the experience of time and space. Hence, the theory of Qi is a theory of time. Not a clear geometric description of time, not an infinite straight timeline, not a repeated circulated circle, but a real existence of which the tangible variation can be felt on skin, smelt, seen, and heard.


演出者︱ 賴火旺
機械速彈手,並抽空學習屍體保存術( 其實只是把肉放進冷凍庫 )。

表演簡介︱Kinetic Theory

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