DINO ( 廖銘和 )

Artist︱ DINO
Once a member of the well-known band “The Clippers”, Dino is a representative of the Taiwanese second noise wave in the 90s’. His works demonstrate the noise movement in Taipei from the second half of the 90s, technically a transition towards pure analog electronic sound, a milestone to establish an independent aesthetics. 
Dino uses extremely simple analog equipment to create electronic sound, loop were generated from circuitry noise, static, or microphone feedback, a sort of “Recycle Music”. 
In recent years, Dino participates in experimental films and live music production for theater. He was awarded Best Sound Effects in Taipei Film Festival. Dino is particularly fond of British punk subculture and traditional Chinese classics, of which the influence can be found from his works. 

Performance Introduction︱ 
An electronic sound internship of tape, feedback, and effect~ for a limited time only.

演出者︱ 廖銘和 DINO
DINO的電子音響來自於極其簡陋的模擬器材,利用線路雜音、靜電或麥克風回饋建立迴圈回路,在無音源的狀況下創造「買空賣空」的「再生音樂」(Recycle Music)。


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