Jamie Allen ( 傑米‧艾倫 )

Artist︱ Jamie Allen
Jamie Allen is a Canadian artist currently residing in the UK. With circuitMusic, he uses raw op amp components with minimal effects to experiment and revel in the sound of pure, electric signals. Allen's compositions are streamlined, yet remarkably varied with harsh walls of static, dense drones, and playful rhythms all vying for the listener's headspace.

Performance Introduction︱ 
Jamie Allen’s circuitMusic project started as an exercise in radical improvisation – analog oscillators were built from bare circuitry and a breadboard while performing.  Since then the live show has turned into a noise-synthesis project where signals from the home-made performance rig are offered to the audience as both audible sound and stroboscopic white light.
Light and noise are shaped and into drones and pulses of raw static and electricity.

Website| www.heavyside.net

演出者︱ 傑米‧艾倫Jamie Allen

Jamie Allen 的電路音樂(circuitMusic)計劃之緣起,為激進即興演奏的實踐 –

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