Mr. Matrix (矩陣先生)

Artist︱ Mr. Matrix (Aluan.Wang)  
Hsin-Jen is born in 1982 in Taichung, Taiwan. He earned his BFA degree from Visual Communication Design Department in 2006. His specialties are CIS design and motion graphic. He is now a current graduate student of Department of New Media Art. He is interested in exploring the possibilities of integrating sounds and visual images. In his performance, sounds are controlled by the visual images he creates. During his extracurricular time, he is also an active pd workshop instructor.

2011 PdCon 2011 Weimar
2010 Remix-and-Jam: Tracks into Treasures
2010 Lacking Sound Festival, Nan-Hai Gallery
2010 National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts DREAM|MERSION - Cyclorama Digital Art Creation Series from the Society for Arts and Technology, Canada
2010 Performance in Taipei Contemporary Art Center
2010 Sound Bits Huashan Creative Park Leacy Performance with tickets selling

Performance Introduction︱ Dynamized Cente
Because every universe is enclosed in curves, every universe is concentrated in a nucleus, a spore, a dynamized center. And this center is powerful, because it is an imagined center.

Gaston Bachelard, The poetics of space (1958)


演出者︱ 矩陣先生
主要專長為多媒體動畫及平面設計。2010年後積極投入OpenLab Taipei的自由軟體推廣活動,在國立臺灣美術館、台北當代藝術館,DAC台北數位藝術中心都擔任過Puredata的推廣講師。
除了參與工作坊推廣教育外,也幫劇團、舞團設計互動影像,並參與失聲祭、Sound Bit等表演。

表演簡介︱ 動態中心
Gaston Bachelard, The poetics of space (1958)

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