LEE, Po-Tin ( 李柏廷 )

Artist︱Lee, Po-Tin 
Born in 1986 in Taipei, with congenital severe thalassemia- which is almost impossible to cure serious diseases, become a major creative context of him.
College majoring in sculpture, mainly worked on Dynamic / Equipment, but also tried on Sound creation.
Now study in graduate school of Technology Arts Center, Taipei National University of the Arts, try to combine dynamic equipment, sound and other media in creations.

"Kaohsiung Awards /Nominee"
"S-An Art Award"
"Taipei Digital Art Festival -sound art /Selected"
"Digital Art Performance Award /First prize (XOR)"  

"Extraordinary Sculpture"
"Sculpture Collection Exhibition"
"Haslla Art World International Art Symposium"
",And Land Sculpture Exhibition of Six"
"TESTER4 Experimental Photography Exhibition"

"2010 tranSonic"
"2011 Cloud Gate 2 -Spring Riot -Play Ground"

Performance Introduction︱ Revolver
Most of Sound production source are constantly moving in the space, but with the movement of the ears, the sound field is also in accordance with the relative position of conversion, this work is an experiments as regards mobile sound, it make sound production source and sound field continuously move, if you are in the range it covered, I hope you can close your eyes and to feel the moving space with the installation make for you.


獲奬:「高雄獎 入選」、「世安美學獎」、「台北數位藝術節聲音藝術類入選」、「數位藝術表演獎 首獎(XOR)」

展覽:「超常雕塑」、「雕塑集展」、「 Haslla Art World 國際藝術研討會 」、「,And land 六人雕塑聯展」、「TESTER4實驗攝影展」

表演:「2010 超響 Transonic」、「2011 雲門舞集2  春鬥 遊戲場」

表演簡介︱ Revolver

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