HSU, Yen-Ting ( 許雁婷 )

Artist︱ HSU, Yen-Ting Hsu
Her affinity to working with sound started from a field recording project – Chiayi Sound Project (a collaboration with French sound artist Yannick Dauby, 2008-2009), which opened up her interests and study toward sound art. She investigates the connection among sound, life, environment, and ethno-culture. Sound is an approach to realize different perspectives of today’s world. Adopting materials from field recordings to create audio documentaries and soundscapes, her works are often told with narrative. She went to England and France to carry out a study of “Web-radio as a platform of developing sound art” in 2010. 

Performance Introduction︱ 
You are too much occupied by what you see when you are sober.
It is a listening session. There are no performers but soundscapes flow in from other spaces.
It’s an invitation: let’s listen, feel and imagine.

演出者︱ 許雁婷
與聲音工作的緣份始於一個田野錄音計畫—嘉義聲音計畫(2008-2009,與法國聲音藝術家Yannick Dauby合作),此後開展對聲音藝術的興趣和研究。喜歡探索聲音與生活、環境、族群文化的連結關係,聲音之於周遭世界另種角度的體認,並以田野錄音素材從事聲音紀錄片及音景創作,作品多富有敘事性。2010年赴英、法進行「網路電台作為發展聲音藝術平台」研究調查。


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