Statement 表述 2009

We have many kinds of performances in Taiwan such as Live Band, they usually perform once a week or monthly in the particular place. In Taiwan, there is no usual platform for experimental performances such as sound art. Lacking Sound Festival provides such a platform and has become a great activity now. Lacking Sound Festival not only provides sound artists a place to show their works but also promotes the sound art to more people, in order to let people understand and enjoy in things like this!

Person in Charge of LSF 2009: WANG, Lien-Cheng

在台灣各式各樣常態性的表演很多(例如:樂團表演),每周或每月在顧定的場地都有表演(例如:The Wall),但是類似聲音藝術這種實驗性比較強的演出,在台灣相對較缺乏常態性的展演平台,而現在有失聲祭,就是個不錯的活動。失聲祭提供這個平台,讓有從事聲音創作的人,有一個地方可以發表作品之外,另一方面也在推廣聲音藝術,吸引一些觀眾,讓他們知道有這樣的東西。

2009年失聲祭負責人 : 王連晟

口述:王連晟 | 文字整理:詹明芳 | 翻譯:張永達 | 校稿:詹采妮
Dictation: WANG, Lien-Cheng|Txt organized: CHAN, Ming-Fang |Translate: CHANG, Yung-TA |Proofreading: Brenda Chan

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