Fabrice was born in Taipei in 1981, now lives and works in Taipei. After passing the entrance exam to National Taiwan University of Arts, he has started to get in touch with modern arts and studied film making and the courses of theory of film.

Due to his interests and attention towards visual images, he studies images and media related philosophy and aesthetic while making media of visual images works. In 2006, he got the MA degree of Plastic Arts by writing the dissertation of aesthetics in recording image art. Fang Yen-Yu has been used Fabrice the musician as his alias since 2007, and he joined several music performances and producing; the works he cooperated with included the single “One Day”- formed by a one-person band Meuko, and the performances and DJ show – formed by a three-person electronic band Moka Apple, which has got various combinations of the compositions. Besides, he made the incidental music for the video works “The Story of Hoping Island” and “Hong Kong Coliseum”. There is some sort of unique fascination which penetrates the images in his works, and it created a kind of musicality between sound experiment and musical instruments composition. Presently he is making incidental music of open-modern video.

Performance Introduction
In this performance, Fabrice will organize all the musical works and recompose them to non-stop performance. There will be only one on-site musician who talks with electronic sounds.

1981 生於台北。現工作與居住於台北。考取台灣藝術大學後開始接觸當代藝術,並修習電影製作以及電影理論方面之課程。由於自身對影像的興趣與關注,一方面進行影像媒體的創作,一方面研究影像、媒體相關之哲、美學,並於2006年以書寫錄像藝術中的美學課題之論文,取得國立台灣藝術大學造形藝術研究所碩士學位。自 2007年起方彥翔化名Fabrice的音樂人身份,參與了幾個音樂的演出與製作,包括與一人樂團天才少女Meuko合作的單曲“One Day”,以及以融合多種曲風為精神的電子三人團Moka Apple表演與DJ演出。另外,跨刀製作錄像作品《和平島故事》、《紅堪體育館》的配樂有著一種穿透影像的獨特魅力,創造出一種介於聲響實驗與配器樂曲之間的音樂性。目前也正在進行打開-當代影片的配樂工作。


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