Lacking Sound Festival Listen 70
2013, April, 13 (Sat) @noiseKitchen
Entrance Time︱18:30 Starts Punctually At 19:00
Entrance Fee︱NT$.150(with drink)

【LSF Artist-in-Residence Program 3.2】

Special Guest︱Jorge Sanchez Chiong
Special Guest︱Karlheinz Essl

Artist︱CHENG Yi-Ping (aka Betty Apple)
Artist︱YE Yu-Jun

LSF Artist-in-Residence Program 3.2 Performance Introduction︱Feminine Sound II– Spring
Artists│CHENG Yi-Ping, aka Betty Apple × YE Yu-Jun
What is live performance, after all? What is that appealing us to go for one after another live performance in the same space? Is that experience?
Or could we just call it “sacrifice rite”? Then whom is the rite held for?
Silently sound is telling us the way of its direction.

This performance is an improvisation of body-sound-poem from two female artists.
The text of sound is taken from the fragments of life which is full of staggered details. These two will choose out some objects relating to their own experience, touching them with their own bodies, and record and re-produce the sound in live performance. In the interflow of sound, they are going to make an live montage of mind.

失聲祭 Listen70
2013, April, 13 (Sat) @噪咖
入場時間︱18:30入場 19:00準時開始
入場費︱NT$.150 (含飲料)


特別來賓︱Jorge Sanchez Chiong
特別來賓︱Karlheinz Essl

駐祭藝術家︱鄭宜蘋 Betty Apple

鄭宜蘋 Betty Apple×葉育君 駐祭計畫3.2演出簡介︱陰性聲音第二部曲-- 春


Curator︱YAO Chung-Han
Graphic Design︱KUO, Yu-Shen
Project Manager︱FENG Hsin

協辦單位︱台北數位藝術中心 ─噪咖 
Supervised by︱Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government
Organized by︱Lacking Sound Festival Team
In Cooperation with︱Digital Art Center, Taipei ─noiseKitchen 
Special Thanks︱TUNG Chao-Ming 

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