Lacking Sound Fest. x RUDI PUNZO
The Turin based artist Rudi Punzo is interested in metamorphosis and its symbiotic relationship with artistic transformation - the transformative act of making art out of discarded, abandoned and cast-off refuse.
Similarly Punzo teases music out of his marvelously kinetic art works to produce magical sculptural/aural hybrids - wonderfully ever-changing, renewing and surprising. (Mary Sherman, Curator) 

Clockworks made of gears and diverse objects, my sculptures own the gift of sound along with their aesthetic appearance: each piece has its own peculiar, maybe dirty, sound, a dissolved noise that is however eligible as a musical sound

I live my creative process as a game; I work while I play, with the intent of transferring this experience to others. I define ludoarte as the involvement of the very own senses of touch, sight and hearing of those who, ignorant or expert, interact with the "opera", experiencing a joyfully childish enjoyment.

These strange sculptures appear, in their intricacy and, at the same time, childish simplicity, as machines handed down from the days of Deleuze: the desire to manipulate the language of sounds, a desire peculiar to human sensibility, urges me to produce a reality, to conceive partial objects, flows and essences that work as a production system. Desire and the object of desire are one, they are the MUSICAL machine.

Art, this LUDOART in particular, wants to be a day-to-day approach to building up one's life, a practice for building up and organising ones own sensations instead of just conveying them.
Luciana Galliano 

PrestoPrestissimo for Urlaluci and Rudidrone is an Audio/Video Analogic electronic concert. 
Rudi Punzo presents a performance gem in which two photovoltaic robots, stimulated by light, produce random rhythms, give life to oscillators, create games of interaction and physics, which bring a continual flux of projected images to be dynamic - all under his careful watch and control.  

Lacking Sound Fest. x RUDI PUNZO 

動力發聲裝置、聲音藝術家Rudi Punzo

「來自杜林(義大利)的Rudi Punzo關注在事物的“蛻變”性,透過藝術創作進行的“改造”過程,營造出與物件的共生關係:自被人們遺棄、丟棄的廢棄物裡,重新再利用成為藝術的果實。
同樣地,在Punzo的音樂上,將動力裝置的作品呈現雕塑與聽覺的混種 — 透過不斷改造再生資源,創造出再再令人驚豔的作品。」 — Mary Sherman 



Punzo最終希望經由藝術創作,特別是“LUDOART”(遊戲藝術)不僅只是對作品的傳達,而能逐步產生對他人的影響性,觸動並生成人情感悸動的來源。」— Luciana Galliano

PrestoPrestissimo for Urlaluci and Rudidrone 是一個聲音+影像,類比電子音樂的演出Rudi Punzo的演出將呈現透過光源刺激而產生旋律節奏的光電機器,在間接賦予振盪器生命,創造出如遊戲般地物理互動過程。綿密流竄的聲響與影像,在藝術家控制、撥弄下動態浮躍著。

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